As lawyer to the late Gregory Curtis Kamm and executor of his estate – The Greg Kamm affair has to ...

As lawyer to the late Gregory Curtis Kamm and executor of his estate – The Greg Kamm affair has to be the most bizarre experience of my legal career. To the “Museum Of Science And Industry,” in Chicago, Greg willed his penis. It is currently on display there along side dead “bottled: babies on the second floor. To the “Institute Of Transgender Studies, in Bangkok, Greg willed is brain. The rest of his remains were cremated, placed in an urn and are on display at a Golden Shower leather bar in Amsterdam – “Dirty Dick’s.” As for his personal belongings – his huge collection of pornography, dildos and other sex gadgets, photos of his dead mother in the casket, nude pics of people he regarded as friends engaging in strange unconventional sex acts. his infamous diaries and journals all ended up at the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan. An old queen, Len Coombs, who often appeared in drag shows with Greg accepted the stuff – claiming it was of great historical significant. To that I say bullshit – the diaries and journals for the most part were the ramblings of a very emotionally disturbed person striking out at everybody they had a beef with. The rest was just plain filth that should have been thrown in the garbage. The donation was revenge of sorts from the grave. Greg always wanted to feel important and in this last act of hatefulness succeeded. From my prespective: Slanderous journals and diaries & letters that contain real names of individuals, addresses & phone numbers have no business being viewed or put on display in the name of “historic” or “educational.” In short: Greg was one sick fuck. Nuff said.


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