Sonda was best friends with my sister, Markeita Kellin. We all grew up together on 79th Brooklyn ...

Sonda was best friends with my sister, Markeita Kellin. We all grew up together on 79th Brooklyn in South Kansas City, Missouri. I remember skating in Sonda's backyard on many occasions in our youth. I even helped Sonda and my sister move in together over near 31st street back in the early 1990's. Sonda and I had lost touch toward the mid 1990's when I went to state prison in 1995 to 2001. By the time I made it back to the streets of KC, Sonda was already gone. She never got to know me as a man or adult--we were all just silly kids who grew up in the Marlborough area in the Center School District. We all attended Center Elementary together and had a blast. My sister still has an old photo of her and Sonda cozied up at a Center Elementary track meet (possibly 6th grade). We were the Center Jaguars back then before the mascot was later changed to Eagles. Sonda and my sister had on mountains of green--the school colors. Both had smiles on their face and were full of life. If only we knew what we had back then such as our youth--we were so young in those days with no end in sight.

Sonda's untimely murder was a shock to so many and even today nearing the 19th anniversary of her passing, her positive presence is still felt along with her radiant smile. I never got to say goodbye to my old friend, yet there's no need to now anyway since I know we are destined to see eachother again at the round table where the guest of honor is both Lion and Lamb. We will sing praises to Jesus for eternity just like old times again, Sonda. On that day we will ask the lord nothing, because we will already have the enlightenment at the transformation into our new heavenly bodies. All mysteries as to why Sonda left us too soon will be revealed and it is in this confidence I have great faith to see the day we meet again in the Kingdom of Heaven. Oh what a day that will be for the Saints? Oh what a day...

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