Tombstone Falls on 6-Year Old Girl

Child Walking Through Cemetery With Mother Is Injured by Marker

A tombstone believed to have been loosened by wind and rain, fell on 6-year-old Louise McAlerr at Congressional Cemetery yesterday, inflicting scalp cuts and possible internal injuries.

Louise was walking through the cemetery with her mother, Mrs. Lula McAlerr, 1634 G street S.E., her younger sister and two other girls, after placing flowers on the grave of a friend.

At a turn in the path, Mrs. McAlerr heard Louise scream. She faced around to see her daughter crushed to the ground under a gravestone as long as her body. Only the child's feet protruded. Mrs. McAlerr lifted the stone off her and ran to her nearby home with the injured child. Louise was treated at Gallinger Hospital.

Published by: The Evening Star

Publishing date: January 31, 1938